Competitive Solutions for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Working solutions for logistics and supply chain management

The efficiency of your logistics is important! Small and medium-sized enterprises need adequate business solutions for building modern logistics into dynamic supply chains. We focus on how to help them through knowledge management, software, training, innovation, and digital transformation.

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Supply chain management: How to?

The success is due to a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach. This is the fundamental principle of designing competitive logistics systems and supply chains. Learn more about how to do it correctly.

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How to select the right software for logistics and SCM?

Choosing the right software solution for logistics and SCM is difficult. The market is overloaded with products, and every company claims that their software is the best. At the same time, prices are high and real results are needed.

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Education: How to analyse logistics processes and supply chains?

Fast and effective logistics training and consulting on how to analyse and manage logistics processes. Also education about research and building mathematical and experimental models for simulation scenarios: Greenfield Analyses, Network Optimization, What-If Analysis, SCM, Multi-Echelon Systems, Gaming, digitalization, digital transformation, etc.

Logistics and supply chains-definition and perspectives

Logistics meaning?

Logistics is related to the management of material flows in supply chains. The main task is not only to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time with a minimum cost. Logistics is something more. This is integrated management of material flows in the supply chain. As a result, multiple logistics processes have to be managed accurately. These groups are called sublogistics systems. The activities covered by these groups are logistics activities such as: warehousing and storage; customer service; inventory management; operations; transport management; quality control and standards; demand forecasting, etc.

The supply chain

on practice represents a complex system of companies / organizations, through which the material flows pass. The supply chain begins at the place of origin of the raw materials and reaches the final users. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a different supply chain. This is an evolution of the logistic concept. SCM focuses on total and high-tech integration and coordination between suppliers, manufacturers, traders, and customers.

Information and logistics?

Everything said is not impossible without adequate management of data and information in the supply chain. Information flows drive the material ones in the whole circuit of their movement. Not by chance, but the way of managing information flows predetermines the way of movement of material flows.

What is different now?

In these times of growing competition and the continuous entry of new competitors into the market, logistics and SCM have become more and more complicated. That’s why the only way to succeed is through the deployment of innovation, digitization, and digital transformation. That’s why we offer working and pragmatic solutions in the fields of logistics and SCM. Through them, the managers receive more opportunities and time to focus on the core of their business.

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